Binory options

A binary option is a document that requires one party to pay the other party a certain sum of money if its [the other party’s] financial forecast is justified beyond a predetermined period (by the outflow date). If the forecast is not justified – the second party loses the amount equal to the kind sense (premium). This financial instrument has a fixed sense, known in advance the outflow time of the legal and the amount of potential profit. The amount of income from an option legal is 60-80 percent of its sense, but there are also transactions that give a profit of one hundred percent (the more difficult the forecast and the higher the risk – the greater the profit). A successful forecast, at the same time, provides the trader with a return of the invested amount and, accordingly, the profit. An unsuccessful forecast, respectively, entails the loss of investments. When commercing binary options, the software platform displays the profits that the trader can provide. Separately, it should be emphasized that in fact, they are quite a legal way to earn money in the financial mart. In principle, you can read reviews about binary options on various forums, or just google on the topic. It is significant to understand the essence, as well as choose the right tactics and right place to trade (there are scammers). To date, you can count a few dozen brokers, the main product of which are binary options. It is considered that binary options commerce is one of the most uncomplicated ways to trade in the mart, since it involves commerce in the short term, and operates with high profits. It is not surprising that such operations are widely popular among traders around the world.


Speaking about the advantages of binary options over other commerce instruments should be mentioned:

  •  obvious ease of handling (you only need to predict: positive or negative closes the estatewithin a determined time);
  • availability to understand the principles of the instrument and absolute transparency of transactions, which can be checked by any arbitrary external indicators of martdynamics (you can work with options through any commerce platform, which does not oblige you to check only with its authentic monitoring system. That is, you can verify the legality of closing the transaction according to any third-party source);
  • all you need to consider the trader at the basic stages of commerce — only martrate of estate, the option on which he buys;
  • limited risk and fast profits (known in advance). Therefore, you will not lose or win more than your document suggests.

Assets subject to binary options:

  • Currency pairs — an option predicts the rise or fall of a currency relative to another within a determined time;
  • Shares — an option predicts the rise or fall in the sense of shares of a company within a specified time;
  • Indices — an option predicts the growth or fall of the index.